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we are pleased to offer our clients these services

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If a tenant that EJF screened and placed under an executed lease agreement defaults on the initial term for their lease agreement, EJF will re-lease the property and waive the Leasing Fee, as long as the default was without Owner approval. Details

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Tenant Insurance

EJF Guarantees that any tenant secured by EJF will have insurance which protects the property. Included with ALL lease agreements under EJF is the Resident Benefits Package.

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Animal Protection

EJF charges a monthly Animal Administrative Fee to the tenant per each approved animal. EJF guarantees to cover the cost of any repair, above fair wear and tear, resulting from the approved animal(s) that is not covered by the tenant’s security deposit. Details

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If you are not satisfied with our services, you may provide a 90-day notice and cancel your contract with no penalty.

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Customer Service

Our goal is to provide the best experience for your rental property. We promise to offer you the best customer service available and will always ‘make it right’.

Our Commitment to You

EJF provides our clients with the highest-quality property management services in Washington, D.C. through reliable, client-focused business practices backed up by our industry-changing Happiness Guarantees. We offer the following commitments to you, our valued clients:

Transparent Pricing Structure

We are honest and straightforward with our clients about our pricing--no hidden fees or deceptive pricing tactics.

Proactive Management

Successful property management requires a lot of hard work by many people around the clock. Small problems can turn into big issues if not addressed in a timely manner. EJF trains our managers and support personnel to respond without delay and take charge when an issue arises. Our proven procedures ensure that your property is taken care of quickly by the appropriate professional.

DC Landlord-Tenant Law Expertise

With over 25 years in the Washington D.C. market, we know a few things about property management and the legal intricacies of DC’s tenant laws. Let us put our knowledge to work for you!

Personalized and Friendly Service

Property management can be stressful! We want our Landlords and Tenants to be relaxed! Let us take care of the work and worries associated with maintaining your investment and allow us to do so with a smile! Our customer service teams are trained to provide you with the prompt, friendly assistance you deserve.

Zero-Tolerance Late Rental Payment Policy

EJF upholds a zero-tolerance policy on late rental payments and always stays in full compliance with the latest DC Landlord-Tenant laws.

  • All rents in EJF-managed properties are due on the 1st of each month.
  • On the 5th of each month, unpaid rents are considered late. A note is sent to the Tenant and late fees are applied to the Tenant account.

In the District of Columbia, evictions are not simple legal matters. Even with great management, the path to eviction in DC can take months, sometimes much longer, and cause the landlord significant stress and financial loss. For this reason, we always encourage our landlords to begin eviction proceedings at the first legal opportunity. Delay is not beneficial.

  • Upon Landlord notification and approval, eviction proceedings begin on the earliest date of non-payment.
    • For non-paying Tenants with a positive payment history, an eviction notice is typically filed on the 15th of month.
    • For non-paying Tenants with a negative payment history, an eviction notice is typically filed on the 5th of the month.